Recent Theater Productions


EQUUS by Peter Shaffer
October 7-9, 205 ~ Watson Theater

Coker College Theater presented "Equus," winner of the 1975 Tony Award for Best Play, in October 2005 in the Watson Theater of the Elizabeth Boatwright Coker Performing Arts Center.

Written by acclaimed playwright Peter Shaffer, who also wrote “Amadeus,” “Equus” focuses on the relationship between middle-aged psychiatrist Martin Dysart and Alan Strang, a young man who has blinded six horses. Structured like a mystery, “Equus” explores the causes of this seemingly senseless act of violence while addressing dilemmas faced by modern society.

“The play is intriguing because it is highly presentational in style and its content raises some profound ethical questions,” said director Deborah Bloodworth, associate professor of theater. “For example, does one person have the right to take from another his worship or, for that matter, any other passion?”

“Equus” starred Coker students Wes Atkinson as Strang, Eric Decker as Dysart, and Justin Johnson and Lori Kemp as Strang’s parents, Frank and Dora. Other students in the production were Jenna Chambers as Hester Salomon, Katie Reynolds as Jill Mason, Tavy Garcia as Harry Dalton, Robert McCready as the Young Horseman, and Karen McIntyre as the nurse. Additionally, Nick Hilbourn, Cody Smith, Daniel Stephens, Chris Briggman, and Alex McCluney portrayed the horses.

Behind the scenes of “Equus,” Christine White was the stage manager, Jim Boden, assistant professor of art, was the set and lighting designer, and Jim Fleming, technical director, was in charge of set construction with technical theater students. The costume staff was Shelly Michael, Jenna Crimmins, Kimberly Hardee and Amanda Skipper.