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by Sheri Bailey and Dura Temple
(February 22-24, 2002, Watson Theater)

Southern Girls traces the experiences of six friends from the 1950s to the 1990s. As children, the girls - three white, two black and one bi-racial - play together. As teenagers, their bonds begin to fray when their lives become more distinct. As they get older, each woman confronts her own fears, hopes and secrets, which in turn reflect the changing South.

To draw attention to the actors and the story in the Coker production, there are very few props in the play and the set is minimalist by design. The action takes place on and around a specially constructed, multi-level platform. Lights and sound fill the show, including musical selections relevant to each era in the story.

Southern Girls stars Brooke Anderson, Molly Corley, Shannon Lalla, Keri Martin, Sarah Snowden, and Shamika Wardlaw. Set design is by Ken East, costume design is by Liz Leonard, lighting design is by Jim Boden and sound design is by Kyle Stone. Shannon Brewer is stage manager.