Honors Student Spotlight: Zoe Bilton

Zoe Bilton


Year: Sophomore

Major: Math, with a minor in biology

Hometown: Eutawville, South Carolina

Extracurriculars: Math and Computer Science Club, Astronomy Club, and a job in the microbiology lab under the direction of Dr. Flaherty

Q: How did you choose your major?

A: “I started with biology and then I fell in love with calculus and switched to math.”

Q: What do you plan to do with your major after graduation?

A: “I’m not really sure yet. I’m thinking about going into research. Once I take more upper-level math classes, I will figure out more specifically what I can do.”

Q: Why did you decide to apply for the Honors Program?

A: “Having slightly more advanced classes and extra work goes one step further in preparing me for real life. The interdisciplinary stuff is pretty neat— I took Speaking of Bodies about body image, food, and nutrition. I had a psychology professor, physical education professor, and English professor. With all three of their perspectives it was very interdisciplinary. The class was lots of fun.”

Q: What has been your favorite Honors course? Why?

A: “Biology 110 taught by Dr. Flaherty. We did some extra research projects, which were pretty neat. One was on proteins and one was on nucleic acids. Going more in-depth with each of those macromolecules was extra work, but it helped my overall understanding.”

Q: What do you hope to gain from the Honors Program?

A: “For one thing, the extra vigor that the program offers looks good on a resume—but there’s a reason that it looks good on a resume. You get more experience in different areas and interact with people in the professional context. The study abroad is helpful in any field, really, because if a job needs someone to go abroad then someone who has experience will be at an advantage.”

Q: What have you enjoyed about being in the Honors community?

A: “It gave us a specific small group of friends right from the start.”

Q: What is the biggest challenge in being in the Honors Program?

A: “The extra coursework and requirements of course, but you can’t say, ‘Oh, that’s not fair,’ because you’re an Honors student and that’s what you signed up for.”

Q: How do you think the Honors program adds to Coker University as a whole?

A: “It’s helping with enrollment as far as bringing high achieving students together, making high achieving students notice Coker a little bit more. I know when I was applying to schools I was definitely looking for a school that had an Honors Program.”

Q: How are you contributing to the Honors Program?

A: “I am doing research in Dr. Flaherty’s lab and so that expands the Honors Program in an academic sense. Not everyone is a science major, some of us are business, some of us are art and so each of us brings our own discipline into the Honors Program, which is kind of the whole point—going more in-depth in all disciplines.”

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