Honors Student Spotlight: Elisabeth Merrifield

Elisabeth Merrifield


Year: Freshman

Major: Political Science with a specialization in Pre-Law and a minor in History

Hometown: Yorktown, Virginia

Extracurriculars: Volleyball, Secretary of Honors Student Council, Emerging Leaders Program

Q: How did you choose your major?

A: “I am really into politics.”

Q: What do you plan to do with your major after graduation?

A: “I want to be a politician. My goal is to be the president, a senator, or in the Supreme Court.”

Q: Why did you decide to apply for the Honors Program?

A: “It looks good when you graduate. I want to go to law school after Coker so the Honors Program is good preparation. You get to interact more closely with the professors and they depend on you more. Also, I was in the Honors Program at my old high school so I just kind of carried it on.”

Q: What has been your favorite Honors course? Why?

A: “Honors HIS-421 Contemporary World. I love history so it’s really interesting, and Dr. Kenyon is a really good professor.”

Q: What is the biggest challenge about being in the Honors Program?

A: “The program demands more of you. We have to do extra work. Also, the professors look toward us in class for more input.”

Q: What is the biggest benefit to being in the Honors Program?

A: “Our professors take us aside sometimes. Last week in Contemporary World we went to Starbucks to have a discussion about our book. I feel like I get more out of that interaction.”

Q: How do you think the Honors Program adds to Coker University as a whole?

A: “It helps the college. The Honors Program can do more for the community, and we can help the other students. Also, it helps Coker grow as a college.”

Q: How are you contributing to the Honors Program?

A: “I might try to be President or Vice President of the Honors Student Council next year. The Honors Program definitely makes people look at you more and you have to step into a leadership role. It helps because of my career goals, I really need to learn how to be more of a leader. I’ve had some leadership roles before but this is probably my biggest one. I think the Honors Program can help me become a better leader.”