Honors Professor Spotlight: Kevin Kenyon

Dr. Kevin Kenyon


Dr. Kenyon holds a bachelor’s degree in Russian and international relations from American University, and a Master’s and Ph.D. in history from Indiana University. He has been teaching at Coker for 14 years.

Q: What Honors sections do you teach?

A: “Western Civilization I, Western Civilization II, History of Anthropology, Middle Eastern History Post-Muhammad, History of the Contemporary World, and hopefully more in the future.”

Q: What makes honors courses different from other courses?

A: “Extra reading, longer essay exams, extra discussion sections, and higher expectations.”

Q: How do students react to the higher expectations?

A: “They are much less likely to miss class. They are more on point about keeping up with reading, which is really important because the Honors final essays incorporate all the material from the entire class. There is also extra motivation because they get a sense that I am paying more attention to them.”

Q: What do you enjoy about teaching honors courses?

A: “I enjoy the higher level of discourse that happens in the classroom. I love the more in-depth discussions and increased level of engagement that the Honors students bring to class. Everyone in the class benefits from the higher Honors expectations.”

Q: What qualities do you look for in Honors students??

A: “A little bit of fearlessness, because that helps create a deeper sense of self-confidence in the students. This confidence encourages them to take risks inside of the classroom.”

Q: What do students gain by taking your Honors section?

A: “They get to go more in-depth into concepts we cover in class, and they get more out of the extra material they read.”

Q: What do you think makes Coker unique inside and outside of the classroom?

A: “There is a back and forth and ease of communication between faculty and students. It puts students, especially freshmen, at ease pretty quickly. I think the students understand that the faculty are on their side unless the student steps out of bounds. The students and faculty are in the game together until graduation—all the student has to do is invest a little bit.”

Q: How do you think the Honors Program enriches the academic experience at Coker?

A: “It has definitely changed the atmosphere in classes. It challenges the students that are not in the Honors Program to do a little better. Regular students are exposed to an entirely new level of discourse and higher expectations.”

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