Acceptable Use Policy


AccessCoker equipment issued to a student is the property of Coker University until that student graduates from the institution. If a student leaves Coker prior to graduation, their iPad® and Apple Pencil® must be returned to the college within 14 days.

Students are solely responsible for the physical and electronic security of the AccessCoker devices that have been issued to them. In the event that their device is lost or stolen, students must contact immediately to report it missing. Each iPad is equipped with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system that allows I.T. to lock or wipe a device. Once “lost mode” is enabled, the iPad will emit a repetitive beeping alarm to aid in its recovery.

Electronic and digital content stored in and on college-provided resources are the property of Coker University. The college reserves the right to search equipment and digital resources.

Insurance for AccessCoker iPads and Apple Pencils is available from Coker University for a fee of $25. This insurance plan covers one incident of accidental damage. In all other scenarios, the student issued the device is responsible for repair or replacement. Coker University has the right to bill a student’s account for damages to the equipment that are not covered by insurance, for loss, and/or for theft.

Upon a student’s graduation from Coker University, ownership of their AccessCoker equipment will be transferred from the institution to the student. Coker University will remove all management from the devices, including MDM and any apps owned by the college. It will be necessary for the device to be reset to its factory state when removed from MDM.

AccessCoker iPads, accessories, and software are issued for educational use in courses and for course-related work, as well as management of other student life and college-related activities (e.g. registering for classes, managing accounts, etc.). Appropriate personal use of the technology is permitted. The student to whom a device has been issued is solely responsible for the conduct with which their iPad, Apple Pencil, and software are used.

All AccessCoker iPads are enrolled in Coker University’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) service in order to provide a reliable experience with the device and to enhance security in compliance with college policies.

Students issued AccessCoker equipment must agree to comply with all federal, South Carolina, and other applicable laws, college rules and policies, and all applicable contracts and licenses. Examples of such laws include the laws of libel, privacy, copyright, trademark, obscenity and child pornography (including the sharing of photos/videos), the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and HIPAA. Students agree to not use the equipment or software for any illegal or unlawful purposes.

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