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What is AccessCoker?

For starters, it’s more than just an iPad.

AccessCoker is a campus-wide initiative that embodies Coker’s mission of developing a lifelong passion for learning within our college community. We’re using innovative tools and resources to personalize the college experience, create connections, and reimagine collaboration.

Beginning with a pilot program in fall 2018, all incoming first-year students at our Hartsville campus will be equipped with an iPad® and Apple Pencil®. You’ll use these devices throughout your college career, and upon your graduation from Coker, they are yours to keep!


AccessCoker is campus-wide! Beginning in fall 2018, incoming first-year students will be provided with an iPad and Apple Pencil to assist them throughout their college experience. Within four years, we expect nearly every undergraduate student to have a device of their own. Full-time faculty will also be issued an iPad and Apple Pencil, as well as select adjunct professors and staff.

But AccessCoker isn’t limited to the students receiving iPads! This exciting initiative has also lead to cutting-edge classroom upgrades, including the installation of several Apple TVs across campus. Other technologies, like an upgraded Ellucian Go app and access to digital resources, also play an essential role in our plans for AccessCoker.

We encourage you to use your new device for any number of activities! AccessCoker iPads are meant to do just that— provide easy access to your college community. And your life at Coker goes far beyond the classroom! We hope your new device will be useful as you hang out with friends, participate in clubs or campus activities, travel for Study Away, train for a sport—and yes, we expect it to benefit your academic work, as well.

For further information, please consult the Acceptable Use Policy

You will need to use a case and screen protector on your iPad at all times. These items will be provided for you when you pick up your device.

If you prefer not to use your Coker-provided case, you may purchase the case of your choosing.

No, your device will not be used to monitor your whereabouts or behavior. Coker manages your iPad until graduation, but that simply means we are able to push certain apps, updates, and occasional notifications.

IT will also have access to implement anti-theft procedures if necessary, including wiping data and/or emitting a repetitive beeping alarm to aid in recovery of a missing device. Per the terms of your user agreement, Coker University reserves the right to search equipment and digital resources.

You may choose to purchase insurance from Coker University for a $25 fee. This insurance covers your iPad and Apple Pencil for one incident of accidental damage. If insurance is not purchased, you will be held responsible for payment to repair or replace the device.

In the event that your device is lost or stolen, please contact IT immediately at Precautions are in place to help us recover lost or stolen devices; however, insurance coverage does not apply in these circumstances.

While you are a student at Coker, your AccessCoker iPad is an academic requirement. It is a Coker-managed device and therefore is not available for individual sale. Following your graduation from Coker, the device will no longer be managed by the university and you are free to do with it as you wish.

Whether you need a brand new Apple ID or want to use your existing log-in information, your AccessCoker device can be personalized to meet your needs—no credit card required! See the instructions below to set up the Apple ID configuration that works best for you. 

Set Up a Brand New Apple ID

Check for Existing Apple ID or Password

Set Up WITHOUT a Credit Card

For more information or assistance, please visit

There are a number of resources available to assist you with your iPad, Apple Pencil, or other AccessCoker technology:

A resource webpage for student iPads is available at Coker’s Information Technology (IT) team can also be reached at

Sophomore commissioners will also be trained to assist with basic troubleshooting and tutorials, as will many faculty and staff who work frequently with first-year students.

You may also download our AccessCoker User Guide for Students for additional information about the program, a list of resources, and recommendations about apps to download on your new device!