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Faculty & Staff Resources | AccessCoker

AccessCoker embodies Coker University’s mission, illustrating our commitment to lifelong learning through the use of innovative technologies that personalize the college experience, create connections, and reimagine collaboration.

Personalize the College Experience

We are all unique. We don’t learn, work, or live exactly like anybody else. Depending on our course of study, learning styles, unique accessibility requirements, or even our extracurricular activities, we will each encounter a variety of opportunities and challenges during our time at Coker. AccessCoker ensures that every member of our campus community has access to customizable tools that can grow with us and adapt as our needs change.

Create Connections

Lessons are not confined to the classroom. At Coker, we believe in lifelong learning. That means we’re constantly exploring new concepts and participating in active discussions—from our iconic round tables to our athletic fields to the workplace, and everywhere in-between. With AccessCoker, the devices we use to help us record, analyze, inform, and interact with these ideas can be as dynamic as the world around us.

Reimagine Collaboration

When we work together, we accomplish great things. AccessCoker provides an environment where we can engage with others, offer and receive feedback, and experiment with new approaches to problem-solving. With easy access to evolving communication channels and new media, our connections have the ability to transcend geography, scheduling conflicts, and many other logistical barriers. With this shared vision, our opportunities are limitless.



AccessCoker is an initiative that brings cutting edge technology to Coker students and supports a spirit of innovation, both inside and out of the classroom. These efforts include cutting-edge upgrades to classroom technology, growing digital campus resources, personalized device offerings, and more! Beginning in fall 2018, incoming new students will be provided with an iPad and Apple Pencil to assist them throughout their college experience.

Devices will also be issued to full-time faculty, as well as adjunct faculty and staff who work frequently with first-year students.

However you’d like! Think of these devices (as well as the thousands of available apps) as tools to help you connect more easily with students and colleagues. At its heart, AccessCoker is about personalizing the college experience for our students and encouraging them to collaborate, explore, and think beyond the parameters of a textbook. It is not expected that the technology will supplant your typical classroom instruction. Rather, access to iPads, Apple Pencils, and other digital technology expand the opportunities available to our campus community as we prepare students for an increasingly digital world.

(And yes, you can also watch Netflix on your device.)

If an iPad or Apple Pencil is lost, damaged or stolen, the employee must consult his/her immediate supervisor to make arrangements for replacement. The cost of replacement will be deducted from office, departmental, or program budgets.

In the event that your device is lost or stolen, please contact IT immediately at Precautions are in place to help us recover lost or stolen devices.

There are a number of resources available to assist you with your iPad, Apple Pencil, or other AccessCoker technology:

Coker’s Information Technology (IT) team maintains a resource website at They can also be reached at

Sophomore commissioners will also be trained to assist with basic troubleshooting and tutorials, as will many faculty and staff who work frequently with first-year students.

You may also download our AccessCoker User Guide for Faculty & Staff for additional information about the program, a list of resources, and recommendations about apps to download on your new device!