The College Presidents

Name: Dr. Robert L. Wyatt
Title: President of the College; Professor of Business Administration; Coker Staff member since 2009.
Education: B.B.A, University of Central Arkansas; M.S., University of Arkansas at Fayetteville; Ph.D., University of Memphis

Office: Office of the President
Location: Administration Building
Phone: (843) 383-8010
Dr. Robert L. Wyatt, President of Coker University

Coker University’s first president was Dr. E. V. Baldy, who served for two years. He was followed by:


Dr. E. V. Baldy (1908-1910) Dr. John A. Barry, Jr. (1955-1959)
Dr. Arthur Jackson Hall (1911-1914) Dr. Fenton Keyes (1960-1968)
Dr. Howard Lee Jones (1914-1915) Dr. Wilfrid H. Callcott (1968-1969)
Dr. E. W. Sikes (1916-1925) Dr. Gus Turbeville (1969-1974)
Dr. Carlyle Campbell (1925-1936) Dr. C. Hilburn Womble (1975-1980)
Dr. C. Sylvester Green (1936-1944) Dr. James D. Daniels (1981-2002)
Dr. Donald C. Agnew (1944-1952) Dr. B. James Dawson (2002 – 2009)
Dr. Joseph C. Robert (1952-1955) Dr. Robert L. Wyatt (2009 – )


Major James Lide Coker (1837-1918) – Harvard educated industrialist and humanitarian; Civil War veteran; former SC State Representative.