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Coker Announces New Master's Program

To receive a Master of Science degree in College Athletic Administration, students must successfully complete 30 semester hours of graduate level coursework with a 3.0 overall GPA (on a 4.0 scale).

Coursework includes 30 semester hours of required core courses and three semester hours of electives. In addition to the successful completion of all coursework, students must demonstrate to the Graduate Advisory Committee that they have achieved the expected educational outcomes.

The Graduate Advisory Committee will make their determination based on a student-prepared portfolio, results from a comprehensive exam and internship evaluations when applicable.

Courses of Instruction - 30 semester hours

PE 510 – Current Issues in College Athletic Administration (3 Semester Hours)
A study of the most recent key issues as identified and continually updated by the NCAA on their website. Recently listed key issues are: academics; commercialism; diversity & inclusion; rules enforcement; playing rules; and recruiting.
PE 515 – Sport Communication (3 Semester Hours)
This course is designed to give a broad view of sports communication. Specific topics include: sports communication from the perspective of message producers and recipients; organizational communication and public relations; the influence of sports communication at the local and global level; effective sports communication; academic research and theory of good sports communication; applying sports communication in a practical setting; sport image repair; and press releases and promotional materials.
PE 520 – College Coaching and Athletic Recruiting (3 Semester Hours)
A study of the administrative and philosophical issues associated with coaching. Specific topics include: travel risk management; developing a coaching philosophy; team policies; sportsmanship and ethics; recruiting strategies; budgets; equipment procurement and sponsorships; game recording exchange and scouting; financial aid packages; fundraising; scheduling; strategies for parent interaction; off-season workouts; job descriptions for assistant coaches; players quitting; and team morale.
PE 525 – NCAA Compliance I (3 Semester Hours)
This course is designed to provide a working knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations. Specific topics include: initial and continuing eligibility; financial aid; awards and benefits; playing and practice seasons; recruiting; amateurism; and agents.
PE 530 – Fundraising in College Athletics (3 Semester Hours)
This course introduces students to study sources of funding in college athletics and the concept of athletic fundraising. Specific topics include: the role of booster clubs; naming rights; sponsorship deals; TV contracts; merchandising; conference affiliations; preferred seating and ticket point calculators; and special fundraising events for athletic departments and teams.
PE 535 – Sport Law in College Athletics (3 Semester Hours)
A study of legal issues in college athletics. Specific topics include: Title IX; coaches contracts; safety and risk management; constitutional law; Equal Pay Act; and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
PE 540 – College Athletic Facilities (3 Semester Hours)
The course is based upon traditional readings, assignments and projects. However, it will also require a multi-day class field trip during which a number of college and/or professional athletic facilities will be toured. A meeting with an architectural firm will also take place on that trip. Additional topics to be covered include: trends in design (Going green, security, seating, concessions, etc.); feasibility studies and benchmarking; selecting an architect; financing; and partnerships.
BA 570 – Sport Business Management (3 Semester Hours)
An introduction to sports business management. Specific topics include: financial and economic principles applied to sports management; legal considerations and ethical challenges; sports communications and media; sports agencies, facility management and event management; sports sales and sports sponsorships; and human resources.
BA 572 – Sport Marketing (3 Semester Hours)
An introduction to sports marketing. Specific topics include: strategic role of marketing in sports; environmental analysis in sports; market research in sports; participant behavior; spectator behavior; segmentation, targeting and positioning; products and services in sports; branding, licensing and merchandising; sponsorships; distribution in sports; promotion and endorsements; and pricing in sports.
BA 573 – Financial Management of Intercollegiate Athletics (3 Semester Hours)
An overview of the issues related to the financial management of intercollegiate athletics. Specific topics include: principles of budgeting; sources of revenue; financial management tools; economic impact; methods of financing; and basic accounting.

Substitute Course

PE 590 – Internship (3 Semester Hours)
Prerequisite: Completion of 15 semester hours in program
The 3 semester hour (120 contact hour) internship will usually be completed within a college or university athletic department, league office, or other area related to college athletics. The internship will be related to the career goals of the student and will be an in-depth work experience supervised by a highly respected professional.
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