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All new international students are required to attend an orientation with the members of the Center for Engaged Learning. During this orientation, students will be advised as to the rules and regulations of their F-1 visa. Students will also meet with representatives from the Office of Student Life as well as the Office of Residence Life.  These individuals will familiarize you with the rules and regulations you must follow during your stay here at Coker College. Students will also meet with a representative from the Academic Department who will speak to the classroom environment and protocol within that classroom.

A member of the Center for Engaged Learning will make arrangements with and travel to the Bank of America so that our new international students can set up a US bank account if necessary. 

Toiletries & Goodies
Newly arrived international students are offered an opportunity to be taken to Walmart (grocery/clothing/bedding/more) to purchase any bedding, toiletries, snacks, drinks and the like that students may need. Students under the age of 21 will not be permitted to purchase alcohol. Students over the age of 21 should think twice about bringing alcohol into the residence halls. 

If an international student becomes ill and is referred to a physician by our Health Services Representative, when needed a representative from the Center for Engaged Learning will take the student to the doctor’s office, wait with the student and bring that individual back to campus. When it becomes necessary for more than a doctor’s visit, the representative will do everything in his/her power to assist the student.

Coker College will provide transportation for international students at the student’s initial arrival into the country, to and from campus/closest international airport at each semester’s beginning/end, official school closings and final departure from the country. This assistance is not guaranteed unless the Center for Engaged Learning is notified ten days prior to departure/arrival.  It is not the responsibility of Coker College to provide transportation for international students to/from an airport, train station, etc. at any other time during the year. There is a $200.00 administrative fee paid by the students. There is an additional cost to the student for this service if the student fails to give at least ten days notice. If the student fails to give the proper notice, the Center for Engaged Learning reserves the right to bill the student $75.00 for the cost of the transportation they provide.

The staff in the Center for Engaged Learning are excited to work with students, both US citizens as well as international guests. Listed above are some of services that the Center prides itself on being able to offer international students. However, the services do not stop here. Members of the Center for Engaged Learning are always available to speak with a student to offer the care and compassion that the parent may be too far away to provide. It is the staff's pleasure to watch a student grow into the mature adult he/she is when they walk down the aisle in their graduation gown and to know that they may have played a small role in getting them there.



Whitney Watts
Dean of Students

Darlene Small
Assistant Dean/Director of the Center for Engaged Learning

Caitlin Vance
Coordinator of Engaged Learning Programs

Tymon Graham
Director of Residence Life

Brandi Blake
Assistant Director of Residence Life & FYE

Janie Campbell
Residence Life Assistant

Caroline Carter
Director of Student Activities


Debby Lynn

Brook Norris

Jill Kelley


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