Student Profile - Heidrun Kristmundsdottir

Student Profile
Heidrun Kristmundsdottir

Playing basketball while being in school has always been a goal for Heidrun Kristmundsdottir. At Coker College, she’s gotten that opportunity.

“It’s always been a faraway dream to come to college and play basketball in the United States,” said Heidrun.

A freshman on the women’s basketball team, Heidrun comes to Coker all the way from Fludir, Iceland. She isn’t a first-timer in the states, though, as she was a foreign exchange student in Winston-Salem, N.C., her senior year of high school.

“That experience was unbelievable,” she said. “Being a foreign exchange student only reaffirmed my desire to want to be in the United States for college. I thought it would be a good way to help me get into college in the states, and it was.”

Heidrun learned about Coker after crossing paths with Jenny Finora, the head women’s basketball coach, at a basketball event in Iceland. The two began to build a strong relationship, with Finora extending an invitation for a visit to campus. After a trip to Hartsville, Heidrun was sold on Coker.

“Everyone was so friendly and all the people I saw on campus greeted me,” she said. “It was just a welcoming atmosphere.”

The Iceland native was also attracted to the distinctive style of teaching offered at Coker – Round Table Learning. Students at Coker learn in a unique, discussion-based setting that allows them to be involved in every class.

“The round table learning was unique and I felt it was something for me,” Heidrun said. “You won’t get away with sitting in the back of the class and not being involved; you’re involved all the time. That, along with the chance to play basketball, attracted me to Coker.”

The transition into college life in the states has been an easy one for Heidrun. Her toughest task was learning how to study in another language. However, her fluency in four languages – Icelandic, English, Spanish and Danish – made things easier to master in a shorter time.

“It took a couple of weeks to learn in English, but I got the hang of it,” she says with a smile.

Keeping in touch with her loved ones back home hasn’t been a challenge either. With technologies such as Facebook and Skype, Heidrun is able to communicate with her family and friends on a regular basis.

“It’s really not hard to stay in touch with them, and it makes it much easier to be over here,” she says.

As Heidrun works towards her degree in psychology and makes an impact on the basketball court, she knows she made a great decision coming to Coker.

“I’m living out my dream here.”

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