CobraFit Reshaping Coker College

CobraFit Reshaping Coker College

Coker College continues to redefine ready. Over the past several years, the college has focused not only what is required to be a student, but also what is gained from the experience. Health and fitness are crucial to maintain, and one of the programs developed to promote and encourage this is the CobraFit Intramural and Wellness program.

Who is involved?

Started in the fall of 2009, the program is focused on getting students involved and active by providing a variety of wellness activities, fitness classes and intramural sports opportunities. CobraFit is led by director of intramurals and wellness Brandon Fain. The rest of the staff consists of students who are personal trainers, class instructors, wellness and intramural supervisors, interns, work study and volunteer staff.

What does CobraFit have to offer?

A variety of activities are provided to students, such as yoga, zumba, ab classes, Insanity, P90X and TRX training. Intramural sports include softball, soccer, beach volleyball, basketball, kickball, inner tube water polo, disc golf, flag football and ultimate frisbee. CobraFit also sponsors campus-wide events such as a Super Bowl party, Coker’s spin off of the television show The Amazing Race, and glow zumba – one of the most popular events – complete with hundreds of glow sticks to ensure a fantastic time.

CobraFit was so successful in its early stages that it was integrated into the classroom setting. Incoming freshmen are registered for the Coker College 101 class, an introductory course to college life. As part of the class, all freshmen participate in a fitness assessment and any four wellness activities. The idea of the program is to encourage students to stay active, be fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Where are CobraFit activities located?

CobraFit gives students an easy, accessible way to increase individual fitness levels. All classes and personal training sessions are free to Coker students. They are easy to work into a busy college schedule, beginning mid-afternoon and lasting until mid-evening. Typically fitness classes are held in the first floor activity room of the Richard G. and Tuck A. Coker (RTC) residence hall allowing students to attend classes without having to leave campus.

How do students get involved?

Students can be involved in CobraFit as much as they choose. Memberships and student attendance are managed through  This website allows students to create an account and join activities, sports teams and access the CobraFit schedule.  Volunteers are always welcome, and, for those interested and qualified, work study and staff positions may be available.

What are the next steps for the program?

Having already increased from three events and 30 members to 573 members, CobraFit plans to expand into other areas of wellness. The intent is to move into more instructor knowledge, increased class availability and continued participation from students.

CobraFit encourages students to lead successful, fit and healthy lives. The accountability system that is created among students has helped many reach fitness goals and others begin careers in fitness. It has been a turning point for some, a motivator for others and an overall success for the college.

For more information on CobraFit, or how to get involved, contact Brandon Fain at 843-857-4190 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Written by Caitlyn Higgins, Class of '13 - Marketing & Communications Intern

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