Interviewing Tips
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Interviewing Tips
A Guide to Landing the Job

Interviewing is one of the most important, nerve-wracking steps of the job search process, but these five tips can help you make a good, lasting impression.

1. Be professional.

This relates not only to what you wear, but how you speak, your attitude and posture. These will be the first impressions an interviewer gets from you. Act as though everything you say or do has an impact on the likelihood of being offered a job, no matter how small. Also, remember to pay attention to what you put on social media sites. Though the initial impression is crucial, maintaining that you are as professional as you seem is also important. Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or other social media platforms, potential employers look at what you post about yourself, and seeing the latest party you attended will cause the interviewer to question your ability to be professional in the workplace. It is important to make and maintain a good impression early because it will likely convince the interviewer that you are confident, comfortable and interested in a job.

2. Be on time.

Better yet, be early.  It shows you are taking initiative and are serious about an interview.  If you are running late, always call the interviewer and let them know, or reschedule.  Though any excuse may have an impact with the interviewer, this shows that you respect their schedule and are courteous, even if forced to cancel.

3. Be Courteous.

Always use your best manners with a potential employer.  Make sure you pay attention to the small things, whether this is email etiquette, phone manners or your demeanor in an interview.  Using proper etiquette and good manners will show that you are consistently able to be professional and are paying attention to the impression you are making.  Thank the interviewer for seeing you and always send a thank you note. This will show you are grateful and will also remind the interviewer who you are.  Be courteous, even if you are not offered a position.  Employees sometimes call candidates to interview for other positions in a company, and leaving a good impression can increase this chance.

4. Be pleasant.

Remember, even if you are not the most qualified candidate for a position, if you are easy to get along with, hard-working and open to learning new skills, you will likely be kept in consideration.

5. Be yourself.

If you are hired, make sure you are hired for who you really are, or both you and your employer will be disappointed.  Being honest in an interview and doing your best will go a long way.

Interviews are important and stressful. They can make or break your chances to land the position you want. These five tips will help you make the professional impression that employers look for and remember when deciding who to hire. Coker students may also contact Career Services to access more career preparation resources.

Written by Caitlyn Higgins, Class of '13 - Marketing & Communications Intern
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