Time Schedule 2015
Schedule of Presentations - Wednesday, March 26 [1:00-5:00p.m.]

Mike Siegfried

"Techniques of Hedge Fund Fraud"

Davidson 110

John Foster

“Studying Islam from a Christian Perspective”

Davidson 110

Ryan Higgins and Savannah Catoe

“Development of student teacher questioning skills and fraction understanding of 4th graders”

Davidson 110

Josh Webb (Southeastern Theatre Conference); Kindra Steenerson (Evolution Talent); Kristin Hapke, Meredith Sims, Angela Gallo (American College Dance Association)

CETL Minigrants Made Theater and Dance Student Travel Possible

Davidson 110

Melinda Norris

“Engaging Creativity”

Davidson 109

Serena Hill

“Musical Theatre Singing: An introduction to Musical Theatre singing with emphasis on basic technique, repertoire selection, and source materials.”

Davidson 109

Julia Klimek and ENG210 students (2014)

“Mapping Postcolonial Literature with students: creative projects to visualize time and space”

Davidson 109

Andrea Cabus and ENG210 students (Spring 2015)

“Why and How Humans Retell Stories.”

Davidson 109

Kindra Steenerson

"Devising Play: Ontology, Epistemology and the Practice as Research model in Theatre Making."

Davidson 112

Todd Couch

“Race, Vulnerability, and Gun Rights Organization.”

Davidson 112

Meredith Sims

“Development of the System for Observing Dance Activities in the Classroom Environment (SODANCE)”

Davidson 112

Dick Puffer, Peter Gloviczki, Jennifer Heusel talk about their ongoing research work

“Know Your Audience”

Davidson 112

Mac Williams

"When I Lost My City I Almost Lost My Mind: Hurricane Katrina 10 Years Out."

Davidson 111

Mal Hyman

"Reflections on Climate Change and National Security"

Davidson 111

Darlene Small and Student Panel: Hannah Williams, Juan Arreola, Darrian Love, Savannah Catoe, Sammuel Song and Sierra Vennes

“Study Away Trans4mations”

Davidson 111

Kristine Jones

“Using Creative and Expressive Therapies with the Female Homeless Population”

Davidson 111

Suzanne Parker, Jim McLaughlin, PE Majors

“Modified Fitness Screening and Pickle-Ball”

Timberlake-Lawton Gymnasium

Ye Li and students Katelyn McEwan and Rachel Barr

“The Chinese Program at Coker: Challenges and Opportunities”

Davidson 227

Trina Rose

"Police Subculture and Occupational Stress: Individual and Multilevel Analysis"

Davidson 227

Paul Dostert and the students from the PULSE Robotics Program at Hartsville High School


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