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Destany Gause

Destany Gause

Choral Enrollment Counselor

  • B.A., Coker University

“Coker University gave me so much during my four years of undergraduate. I grew personally and, more importantly, professionally. Now working with the Coker community, I am able to give back and pay it forward to incoming students.”


Office Location

Admissions Building

Publications, Awards and Honors

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award student recipient, Coker University, 2019

What is your favorite thing about Coker and/or Hartsville?

“Coker is a home away from home. Everyday coming to work I’m surrounded by the most amazing coworkers and the best and brightest students.”

What advice do you have for Coker students, or future students who are considering Coker?

“Take advantage of every opportunity! You miss 100% of the shots you choose to not take. Always have the confidence to reach for the stars. It’s never about where you come from, it’s all about where you’re going.”