Brian Heslop, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Communications

  • Ph.D., University of Memphis
  • M.A., Southern Utah University
  • B.A., Weber State University

More than just equipping students with critical thinking and argumentative capacities, I believe character development is the point of education. At Coker University, I have had the pleasure of seeing students gradually become empowered citizens of their own communities. Coker provides so many creative opportunities for this development to happen, which is why I love it here.


My research in political and religious controversy is driven by my interest in diverse perspectives and arguments. As a rhetorician, I’m fascinated by how argument works and how it shapes the world we live in. I see controversy more than mere strife, but as an opportunity to learn.


  • COM 101: Speech Communication Skills
  • COM 197: Freshman Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Language
  • COM 230: Scope and Methods
  • COM 330: Communication Theory
  • COM 374: Rhetoric & Civic Controversy
  • COM 399: Religion and Rhetoric


Heslop, Brian, and Patrick Loebs, “Political Propheteering: The Role of Purity in the 2012 Presidential Nomination Address.” In Studies of Communication in the 2012 Presidential Campaign, ed. Robert Denton. Landham, MD: Lexington Books, 2014.

Heslop, Brian and Antonio de Velasco, “Faith-Based Social Change and Social Media.” In Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics, ed. Kerric Harvey. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, 2014.


  • Graduate Assistant Meritorious Teaching Award: University of Memphis, 2015.
  • John Angus Campbell Award for Excellence in Teaching: Ph.D. Level, University of Memphis, 2014.