Brandon Mullins

Young Alumni and Social Media Coordinator

  • B.A., Coker University
What do you find most exciting about working with the Coker community?
  “The challenging but caring environment. When I was a student at Coker, I was able to fail, learn, and grow in a safe but challenging environment. Even as an employee I am still able to face exciting challenges with the confidence that I have support to back me up.”
What is your favorite thing about Coker and/or Hartsville?
  “Commute times! Coming from a medium-size city, the advance travel time to work, school, and home was 25 minutes, so the fact that everything is so close here is icing on the cake.”
What advice do you have for Coker students, or future students who are considering Coker?
  “No one has it figured out so try things and don’t be afraid to fail because it’s all about finding out what makes you happy.”