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Campus Announcements

Campus Announcements

From President Natalie Harder:

Dear Coker Community,

Coker University unequivocally condemns anti-Asian hate, rhetoric and actions, and we stand in solidarity with our AAPI community.

The mass shooting that took place in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this week that killed 8 people, 6 of whom were Asian women, is just one of the many recent incidents that have traumatized our Asian American and Pacific Islander community. We cannot begin to comprehend the terrible pain and suffering that the friends and families of the victims are experiencing, and we offer our most sincere condolences. 

We know that the rise in anti-Asian sentiments is not unique to Atlanta and that it is pervasive and growing across our country. We know that even in our own community, our AAPI members are harmed by discrimination, hateful rhetoric, and actions.

To the AAPI students, faculty, and staff – you are valued and respected members of this community. We recognize the many ways in which these recent atrocities towards the AAPI community are harmful to you personally. At Coker, we celebrate our differences and recognize the importance of a diverse perspective to advance education, culture, and community.

We are here to help all students, faculty, and staff through this very difficult time. Students, know that you have support to help you navigate the emotions and hardships you are experiencing. Please visit or Faculty and staff, we encourage you to utilize the counseling services offered through Coker’s Employee Assistance Program.

Together we stand committed to provide opportunity, support, and voice to all in our Coker family and will not accept nor tolerate anything less. Indeed, our hope is that this commitment transcends the boundaries of Coker and all Cobras work to build a more inclusive environment in their communities.

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