ALPHA Alumnus Profile - Roderick Bryant
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ALPHA Alumnus Profile
Roderick Bryant

Roderick Bryant chose Coker’s Adult Learners Program for Higher Achievement (ALPHA) because of the ease and convenience with which it allowed him to attend school and gained the skills he needed to open his own automotive repair facility.

A resident of Lake City, S.C., who recently relocated to Pawleys Island, Bryant graduated from Coker’s Lake City campus with a major in business administration.

An initial worry for Bryant was that he might have to take time away from his family in order to go to class or study, but Coker’s eight-week terms and twice-a-week classes made it easier for him to go to school while still being with his wife and children.

“There were many people there just like me, with children and spouses and full-time jobs,” Bryant said. “To see people like that go to college at that point in their lives was inspiring in itself.”

Bryant also attended classes at the Mullins campus, and though he chose Coker for its class sizes and the opportunity to work face-to-face with his professors, he also enrolled in three online classes. Online courses allowed Bryant the flexibility he needed to finish his degree and graduate on time while still working closely with his professors from home.

Not only did Bryant graduate on time, he earned the First Honor Graduate award, given to students who achieve the highest overall record of scholarship during all four years of study, and the Alumni Association Cup award, which is given to the five graduates with the highest junior and senior year records.

Bryant spent 10 years working at Honda of South Carolina, where he gained practical work experience, but he credits Coker with providing him with the knowledge he needed in order to start his own business, which he opened recently in Murrells Inlet, S.C.

“What I learned at Coker allowed me to put that experience into perspective and truly understand why things work the way they do,” he said.

Bryant is considering returning to college in order to work on a graduate degree, but he says that the time he is putting into his family and his new business has made it something that will have to wait until he can give it his full attention.

“In the meantime, thanks to the skills and perspectives I gained at Coker, I can continue to build my business and live life to the fullest.”

Written by Monte Jackson, Class of '12 - Marketing & Communications Intern
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