See what some of our proud alumni are up to:

  • Athletics Director at Converse College
  • Associate Director for Development for Athletics at West Chester Foundation
  • Compliance Coordinator at Utah State University
  • Director of Athletics at USC Sumter
  • Assistant AD – Compliance at Lees-McRae College
  • Associate AD for Compliance and Administration at Jacksonville University
  • Head Women’s Tennis Coach at Texas A&M Kingsville
  • Academic Coordinator for Student-Athlete Support at Campbell University
  • Assistant AD for Compliance and Academics at Rogers State University
  • Compliance Coordinator at Washington State University
  • Assistant Commissioner for Compliance and SWA at Conference Carolinas
  • Assistant Sports Information Director/New Media Manager at Lees-McRae College
  • Head Women Lacrosse Coach at Hollins University
  • Director of Corporate/Foundation Relations at Radford University
  • Athletic Trainer at St. Andrews University 

“I worked full-time in the athletic department at Coker while earning my master’s degree. The online format allowed me to work at my own pace and did not cut into my work day. I was able to carve out time in the mornings, at lunch, or in the evening to complete the class work without it interfering with my day-to-day work in the office...While I haven't achieved my long term career goal of becoming a collegiate athletic director yet, my degree from Coker has put me on the right path. I have been fortunate enough to work at various athletic programs around the country spanning from Boston, to Texas, and now at Washington. The small setting has made me a well rounded professional who is able to apply skills into any organization and adapt to any culture. “

Eric J. Garlow (M.S.C.A.A. ‘13) - Associate Major Gift Officer for the Tyee Club at the University of Washington (Seattle, WA)

“I felt the masters program at Coker would give me the opportunity to diversify my knowledge of collegiate athletics...the program worked with my non-traditional schedule...I was the assistant athletic director for communications at Texas A&M University-Kingsville while earning my masters from Coker. The format was easy to manage for me, especially with the amount of travel I did. I would do some work from rental cars, hotels, arenas before games & it wasn’t too difficult to manage...I continued my career in collegiate athletics and moved on to the University of New Orleans in September 2017, overseeing promotions, digital and communications.”

Kelvin Queliz (M.S.C.A.A. ‘16) - Assistant Athletic Director for Communications & New Media at the University of New Orleans

“The Coker MSCAA program showed me that having interests in other area within collegiate athletics is good when you have dreams of moving up one day. I never thought I would be interested in some areas of collegiate athletics. However, when I completed the classes associated with those I found a new interest. I believe the well-rounded experience will be invaluable over the coming years as I look to expand my responsibilities...I would recommend the program to anyone who has aspirations of working in collegiate athletics. I believe the ability to gain so much knowledge in a short amount of time is crucial to success for the future. This program covers every area you may have to deal with as a collegiate athletic administrator. It also allows you the ability to expand on those areas if you find an interest in it.”

Max W. Wolfe III (M.S.C.A.A. ‘18) - Assistant Director of Internal Operations and Compliance Wingate Athletics

“I knew I wanted to work in athletics before I even got to Coker, which is why I majored in Sport Communication. While in undergrad, Coker launched the master’s program and it was a perfect opportunity to remain at the institution that helped me build a solid foundation for myself during a time of self-discovery and development both professionally and personally. Coker’s program helped me achieve my career goals by allowing me to get actual hands-on experience in the field while earning my degree during both undergrad and grad school. As a person who has been around the administrative side of the collegiate athletics world since my second year at Coker, the school itself has been a catalyst to my current success. During grad school, the M.S.C.A.A program allowed me to do an awesome internship in Geneva, N.Y. that has directly correlated with my management skills in my current position.”

Sharod K. Williams (M.S.C.A.A. ‘15) - Assistant Commissioner for External Operations at Conference Carolinas

“I knew that to set myself apart in this profession, that a master’s degree was a must. As a working professional obtaining my master’s at the same time as working full time, I knew I needed a program that would accommodate the demands of my schedule to make doing both feasible. I was very attracted to the model of the Coker program that allowed me to take one class at a time for a shorter period of time. This allowed me to really go in depth in the class content, and completely immerse myself in one study, while also balancing a challenging work load. I also liked the change of pace with the 6-week class schedule, as I feel I got to experience a lot of different content over my time in the program...Since completing the program at Coker, I have been able to move on and up in the field, and without the degree I am sure it would not have been possible. I obtained a much better position the month after completing my Master’s, and feel strongly that without my degree I would not have received consideration for the position. Similarly, in my current position, I feel that I have been able to climb the ranks and have received promotions, and having my master’s has laid the groundwork for those moves to be possible. Having my master’s has opened so many doors and there are many opportunities that I can pursue that I wouldn’t have been able to without it.”

Stacey Corry LaDew (M.S.C.A.A. ‘15) - Director of Athletic Communications and Media Relations, The College at Brockport, SUNY