Coursework includes 30 semester hours of required courses (10 courses total). In addition to the successful completion of all coursework, students will work with faculty to develop a professional portfolio, establish a personal brand, and develop a targeted career plan.


MCAA 510 Current Issues in College Athletic Administration (3SH)
This class examines the most recent key issues as identified and continually updated by the NCAA on their   website. Recent key issues are: academics, commercialism, diversity and inclusion, rules enforcement, playing rules, ethics, and recruiting.

MCAA 515 Sports Information and Communication in Intercollegiate Athletic Programs (3SH)
This course will focus on defining, developing, and delivering an effective public relations campaign in college and university athletic programs while utilizing mass and social media. Special attention is given to the ways in which digital media and communication technologies are utilized by sports information professionals. The course will cover a wide variety of skill sets and roles necessary to succeed in this continually evolving discipline.

MCAA 520 College Coaching and Athletic Recruiting (3SH)
This course is a study of the administrative and philosophical issues associated with coaching. Specific topics include: budgeting and travel administration, managerial control and coaching, program planning for coaches, leadership, public relations for coaches, developing a coaching philosophy, sportsmanship and ethics, recruiting strategies, game recording exchange and scouting, scheduling, strategies for parent interaction, off-season workouts and philosophy, tem morale, and strategic management.

MCAA 525 NCAA Compliance I (3SH)
A survey of the most common National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) principles: initial and continuing eligibility, financial aid/benefits, playing and practice seasons, and recruiting. Covers legislation for all three NCAA divisions. Emphasis is given to application of rules in real world scenarios.

MCAA 530 Fundraising in College Athletics (3SH)
This course is designed to combine fundraising theory with the skills and knowledge needed to implement and develop a successful college athletic fundraising program. In addition to providing insight into how to assess the fundraising environment and evaluate an organization’s capabilities, this course will cover topics on board development and using research to design critical campaigns and identify multiple sources of funding.

MCAA 535 Legal and Ethical Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics (3SH)
This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the legal and ethical issues associated with the operation of an intercollegiate athletic department. Through the analysis of case studies and current issues, students will focus on the practical application of laws and regulations and the implications that ethics have on decision making and management in intercollegiate athletic administration.

MCAA 540 College Athletic Facilities (3SH)
This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth look at the planning, design, and management of college athletic facilities. It will concentrate on the latest design trends that are evident in college athletic facilities. This class requires students to attend a multi-day class field trip during which a number of college athletic facilities will be toured. A meeting with an architectural firm will also take place during this class.

MCAA 570 The Business Management of Intercollegiate Athletics (3SH)
This course will investigate the business related issues encountered by athletic administrators working in a college or university setting. Areas to be examined include governance, conference affiliations, ticketing and ticket sales, economics and finance, staffing, sponsorships and corporate partnerships, income sources, contracts and event management.

MCAA 572 Marketing of Intercollegiate Athletics (3SH)
This course examines the principles of marketing as they apply to intercollegiate athletics. Concepts unique to the sports product including consumer behavior, media and public relations will be emphasized. Promotional activities, market segmentation and legal aspects exclusive to intercollegiate athletics will be analyzed as the student develops successful marketing strategies. A focus will be on the elements of a truly effective and strategic marketing plan and the implementation of the plan from the perspective of the athletic administrator.

MCAA 573 Financial Management of Intercollegiate Athletics (3SH)
An overview of the issues related to the financial management of intercollegiate athletics. Specific topics include: principles of budgeting, sources of revenue, financial management tools, economic impact, methods of financing, and basic accounting.

MCAA 590 Internship (3SH)

This three semester hour (120 contact hours) internship will be completed within a college or university athletic department, league office, or other area related to college athletics. The internship will be related to the career goals of the students and the students will be expected to plan and complete an in-depth project which will benefit the agency for which they are working.