Students in the MSCAA program take one course at a time. Below is a sample course sequence of two concurrent cohorts. (Actual course sequence may vary.) For more information, please email

MCAA 510 Current Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics
MCAA 515 Sports Information and Communication in Intercollegiate Athletic Programs
MCAA 520 College Coaching and Intercollegiate Athletics
MCAA 525 NCAA Compliance
MCAA 530 Fundraising in Intercollegiate Sports
MCAA 535 Legal and Ethical Issues in  Intercollegiate Athletics
MCAA 540 Intercollegiate Athletic Facilities
MCAA 570 The Business Management of Intercollegiate Athletics
MCAA 572 Marketing of Intercollegiate Athletics
MCAA 573 Financial Management of Intercollegiate Athletics