The Academic Standards Committee considers the following credentials for those students who have been out of high school five or more years and are applying to the Adult Degree Program:

Official high school and college transcripts. (An official General Education Diploma (GED) score report and certificate are also acceptable with a High School transcript.)

Prospective Adult Degree Program students who have graduated from high school more than five years ago will be considered by the regular Freshman or Transfer Admission policy, dependent on their situation.

Adult students who have been out of high school more than five years and have no college record may be accepted on a conditional basis in the Adult Degree Program. Within the first 18 semester hours, a conditional student must take at least two courses for general education or major credit including at least one course outside of the chosen major. A cumulative grade point average of 1.6 in the first 18 hours must be achieved to be fully admitted to the College.

Registration for evening courses may be made on, or before, the first evening a particular course meets. However, new students must complete the application procedures and be accepted for admission in advance.

For more information about requirements, call the Coker College Adult Degree Program:

Elaine Hodges –
Director of Adult Degree Program Recruitment
phone: (843) 857-4193 |  fax: (843) 383-8319