The Museum Studies specialization will offer students the basic preparation needed to work in the museum sector and the theoretical knowledge necessary to think critically about a widely under-analyzed discipline. Museums are rapidly becoming centers of community dialogue and are emerging as places of multicultural discourse. The specialization in museum studies combined with a traditional major field will prepare the student for graduate programs in public history or museum studies. Museum studies is open to students in any major and may appeal especially to students majoring in art, history, physical education, the sciences, or to those specializing in African-American Studies.

A minimum of 15 semester hours is required for a specialization in museum studies, distributed as follows: All students pursuing the specialization in museum studies must complete MSS201 and MSS301. Students will also complete three semester hours from ART100 or ART180, and three semester hours from ART282, ART384, ART388 or ART389. Finally, students must complete three semester hours from ART387 or MSS401.