To graduate from the Honors Program at Coker College, a student must successfully complete:

CC101H: Introduction to Leadership and Life at Coker College.

  • A student who enters the Honors Program after his or her first semester at Coker College may petition the Honors Program Committee to have another CC101 meet this requirement.

Twenty-four semester hours in courses designated as honors courses.

  • These courses will be marked with the suffix “H” on the student’s academic record. For example, HIS210H will designate Western Civilization I for honors credit. Requirements for “H” courses will be quantitatively and qualitatively greater than non-honors courses.
  • A minimum of twelve semester hours of the prescribed 24 shall be taken as part of the student’s Liberal Arts Studies Program (LASP) curriculum as honors contract courses. The Director of the Honors Program will have a list of appropriate contract currently available to students.
  • In addition, students may request honors contracts for specific classes from professors who, if they choose to offer the class for honors credit, are then responsible for obtaining approval from the Honors Program Committee.

A minimum of six additional semester hour in variable credit honors seminars.

  • Each seminar will treat a subject area identified by the Honors Program Committee as key to a modern education.


  • HON291 is a one-credit hour introduction to developing an honors thesis project.

HON490 and HON491

  • These classes involve planning and completion of the student’s Honors Thesis project. Honors students will partner with a faculty member in a discovery-based project or an original work involving inquiry, investigation and creative expression. Each student will develop a thesis that provides a written account of the scholarship activity. The specific format and guidelines for the thesis component will be developed by the honors student and faculty mentor in consultation with the Honors Program Committee.
  • HON490 involves planning and execution of the student’s research project. It may be worth one to three semester hours and may be repeated for credit up to a total of no more than three semester hours.
  • HON491 involves the writing and public presentation of the final research project and may also be worth one to three semester hours, but may not be repeated. A final project evaluation by the Project Review Committee will occur prior to the meeting of the Faculty Senate at which the student’s graduation with honors will be approved. Honors students will present their projects to the campus community in a suitable venue (such as the Celebration of Academics Week held each spring semester) approved by the Honors Program Committee.

Three semester hours of course work beyond the 102-level in the same non-native language.

A study abroad experience approved by the Honors Program Committee.