Social work is the profession of hope. Daily confronting some of society’s toughest problems—including poverty, illiteracy, disease, substance abuse, homelessness, and domestic violence— social workers are on the front lines helping people in need. It can be a difficult job, but if you have a genuine compassion, dedication, and desire to improve lives, it can also be one of the most rewarding.

As a social work major at Coker, you will learn the broad economic and political forces that affect social issues, as well as the skills you will need to effectively evaluate and create policies. With three required on-site internships in social services agencies, Coker’s nationally accredited, professional program is focused on the integration of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. A degree in social work puts you on a path to enter one of the fastest-growing professions available—and lead a life dedicated to the advancement of human rights and social justice.

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