Active and energetic, you’re a sports fanatic and a fitness buff. But besides a professional career in the big leagues, how can you translate what you love into a successful future? If you’re the one who’s always organizing pick-up games and motivating your friends to join in, a career in coaching or training could be where you belong. Or maybe you have the innate leadership abilities and business sense to succeed in sports management.

With five concentrations tailored to different career paths within the field, a major in Physical Education and Sport Studies will build on your personal interests and abilities to channel your passion for athletics into a successful career—as a coach, teacher, trainer, sports journalist, athletic manager, and more. With a steadily increasing interest in fitness and nutrition nationwide, it’s never been a better time to get in the game of physical education and sport studies—and with the personal attention and hands-on learning you’ll find here, there’s no better place than Coker.

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