Communication—whether written, spoken, or visual—is the foundation of human civilization. It’s how we make connections with one another and build societies and cultures. People who choose to study this field understand and appreciate the beauty, complexity, and importance of language. They are passionate about exploring perspectives and cultures that open their eyes to the world outside of what they know.

In Coker’s department of communication, language and literature, our round table learning environment fosters graduate-level discussions, which develop the type of communication and critical thinking skills that generally take years to cultivate. You will learn to draw abstract conclusions, communicate effectively and think critically—all extremely desirable skills in today’s volatile job market.

At Coker, you can also tailor your coursework to fit your interests and career goals, with opportunities for real-world experience through internship, service learning, and study abroad programs. And you won’t just find professors here—you’ll find a mentor. You will work closely, throughout your entire college career, with faculty members who will provide personal guidance and help finding the internships and study abroad programs that are the right fit for you. With a degree in this department, you will receive the tools and abilities you need to succeed professionally in the form of an education that’s both enriching and intellectually stimulating.

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