When an athletic trainer is called onto the playing field:

  • Only the athletic trainer(s) and head coach go onto the field (game managers, spectators, athletes and other athletic staff remain unless otherwise directed).
  • The athletic trainer decides whether an athlete can return to competition. The coaches should not argue, question or discuss the ATCs decision. The coach also should not try to persuade the athlete to return to competition.
  • If EMS is needed, the ATC will be in charge until EMTs or paramedics arrive. Responsible parties will go to their stations according to the Response Plan, as assigned by ATC.
  • Visiting ATCs will make decisions for the visiting team athletes. Host ATCs are to assist with any decisions they make. If the visiting team does not have an ATC (or only has an SAT), the host ATC will make any necessary decisions.

During practice:

  • If an ATC is present, he/she will attend to all injuries.
  • If an ATC is not present but is reachable by radio, the coach should call an ATC and describe the condition of the athlete. The ATC will then give instructions on what course of action should be taken.
  • If an ATC is not present and is not reachable by radio, the coach responsible for the practice will assess the severity of the injury according to Red Cross first aid guidelines. If EMS is needed (severely broken bone, concussion, head/neck injury or other medical condition), the coach should call EMS and contact the athletic trainer.

When calling EMS, the Game Manager should provide the following information:

  • Callers name
  • Location of emergency ATimberlake/Lawton Gym on Coker College Campus@.  Have people waiting at south entrance off of East Carolina Ave. - right next to the Performing Arts Center.
  • Number of phone you are calling from.
  • What happened (info to be provided by trainer)
  • Condition of victim (info to be provided by trainer)
  • Care being provided (info to be provided by trainer)
  • Give location of emergency and directions once again
  • Answer any other questions
  • Hang up only after dispatcher hangs up

When EMS is activated:

  • The Game Manager should make the phone call to EMS and answers all questions the dispatcher asks and give all of the information that the trainer has provided.
  • Work study, non-participating athletes and assistant coaches should be used to help direct EMS to the location of the injured athlete.
  • Once EMS arrives, they are in charge. The athletic trainer should be the only one who talks to EMS unless otherwise asked.
  • Depending on the severity of the injury, complications to the injury, and whether or not other trainers are present, the athletic trainer may go with the victim to the emergency room to answer further questions.

Inclement Weather

  • The game manager will monitor weather conditions during outdoor competitions. Before each game/match, the game manager will discuss policies with the officials for that game/match.  The game manager and officials have the responsibility for canceling, postponing and continuing the game/match.
  • In the case of severe weather and if the need for shelter arises, officials, workers and all Coker College athletes will move to the Saleeby House. All visiting teams will report to the bathroom shelter located between the baseball, soccer and softball field.
  • In accordance with NCAA guidelines for returning to competition interrupted due to weather, one half hour must pass after the last lightning strike or thunder clap before competition can resume.
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